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Stump Grinding

For all your tree and stump removal needs, look no further than DAS Trees & More . Our leading team of certified arborists arrive at your home or business to remove your tree stump quickly and efficiently.

To schedule a service appointment with our arborists, or for more information, contact us at (724) 953-1273.

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Eliminate Tree Stump Hazards

Tree stumps can be more than just unsightly additions to your property. They can cause numerous additional problems and can also be significant safety hazards. The stump as well as the underground root system will begin to decompose, attracting pests, new tree growth and obstacles in your yard. We serve you with unmatched safety and precision, removing all traces of your tree and stump.

Dependable Stump Removal and Grinding

While never ideal, tree removal might be necessary for several reasons. A dead or dying tree may present dangers of collapse or property damage. The placement of a tree may also interfere with utility lines, foundations, driveways, or buildings on your property. Regardless of your situation, you can depend on the prompt and meticulous tree stump removals of DAS Trees & More .

Once the tree has been safely felled, we will either cut the logs into sections for your own purposes or haul them away from your property. Then, we diligently remove all remnants of stumps and roots, leaving nothing but yard on the former site of your tree.

Call us today for a no-obligation assessment and consultation and receive a price quote for our stump removal services. You'll be surprised at how accessible our rates are.

Proven Equipment for Stump and Tree Removal

We offer a complete inventory of the most advanced and reliable equipment, including saws and grinders. Each piece of our equipment is regularly serviced and upgraded to ensure the best, most efficient performance.

Our team also employs proven techniques and methods and have an unrivaled commitment to safety. If you have a tree stump on your property, you can count on us to remove it.

Tree Services for Homes and Businesses

Our company serves both homeowners as well as businesses in a variety of industries. We understand the urgency of tree removal and arrive swiftly on the scene to provide your required tree services. We even offer emergency tree removal if your tree has sustained sudden damage.

Certified Arborists Serving Latrobe

Homes and businesses in the Latrobe area have depended on our services for a number of years. We are experienced tree specialists with extensive qualifications and credentials to our name. Our rapid availabilities, wide range of tree services, and excellent workmanship have earned us an excellent reputation.

We are fully licensed and bonded and can also advise and recommend on all matters concerning trees. Our team has expert familiarity with all trees native to the area and can help you maintain attractive and safe trees for years to come.

Call for Superior Stump Grinding Today

When you require tree or stump removal, the name to know is DAS Trees & More . Our arborists have the skills, experience, and resources to provide the top-tier stump removal services your property needs.

Reach out to us today to learn more. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.